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Sunday, October 24, 1999

Military Quiz 4

Constructed by Brian Yeoh

Q1) Which author wrote Epitoma Reis Militaris (The Epitome of Military Science?)

Q2) Who ran the first Marathon and why?

Q3) After which battle was the Churchill family given their title (and what is their title)?

Q4) What was Ivan the Terrible's secret band of roving terrorists called?

Q5) How much ammo does a Steyr Scout carry in its magazine?

Q6) What was the rate of fire of an Old Contemptible (what was an Old Contemptible?)

Q7) In which theatre was 'Canada's Stalingrad' fought?

Q8) Which mark of the Ju87 carried 37mm cannon?

Q9) What is the main difference between the OICW and the PAPOP's grenade launchers (What are the OICW and the PAPOP?)

Q10) Name the village in France where 2Pz SS Das Reich carried out its most well known atrocity.

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