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Sunday, October 24, 1999

Military Quiz 8

Constructed by Chuang Shyue Chou

Q1) Who fought at the Battle of Lake Peipus in 1242?

Q2) Who was the legendary leader who fought at the Battle of Mount Badon?

Q3) Who won at the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

Q4) What was that infamous 'A whiff of grapeshot' referring to? Who uttered it and why?

Q5) Where did the term 'Fifth Column' originate? Who uttered it?

Q6) What is the role of a Sukhoi Su-2? How many were built?

Q7) Which climatic battle was fought in 1571? What were its implications?

Q8) What is the last production Lavotchkin (Lavochkin) fighter?

Q9) What is the NATO code-name given to the mach-2 capable SVTOL fighter built by the Russians? What is the Russian designation?

Q10) What is the religious-military order that was crusading in Luthuania during the middle ages?

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