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Tuesday, October 26, 1999

Military Quiz 16

Constructed by Chuang Shyue Chou

Q1) Which king led the three hundred Spartans at Theo

Q2) What is the heaviest production armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) in World War II?

Q3) Name all the torpedo-bombers that were in service with the British in the Second World War.

Q4) What is the calibre of the main gun of the M107? Name two operators of the M107.

Q5) Name the battle that resulted in Napoleon III's capture during the Franco-Prussian War.

Q6) What weapon were the Swiss mercenaries famous for in the late Middle Ages?

Q7) Name the four American cruisers that were sank at the Battle of Savo Island.


Q9) Which vehicle preceded the M113 in the US Army and was produced in limited quantities?

Q10) Name Robert the Bruce's greatest victory.



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