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Sunday, October 24, 1999

Military Quiz 11

Constructed by Brian Yeoh

Q1) If a SUSAT has fogged up, what am I carrying? Can I still shoot accurately at 100 m?

Q2) How tall were Coldstream and Grenadiers in WWII?

Q3) Can I make an  effective beaten zone with an StG44?

Q4) What are the grooves on a stiletto for?

Q5) Helots revolt. Who kills them?

Q6) 1 Russian _front_ lines up in front of 2 American Divisions in 1945. Which will take longer to march across the other in review?

Q7) I'm in WWI flying an Eindecker. Why don't my propellor blades fall off?

Q8) What redhead king was so pissed at his victory that it gave rise to a new term?

Q9) Is it a Parthian shot or a parting shot? What is it?

Q10) Pathans, Afridis, Afghanis, Sepoys. Who should I blow my brains out like a soldier before?

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