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Q) What is the Boeing JDAM? OK

Q) Where did the P-43 Lancer see action? OK

Q) What is the name given to the Theban elite hoplite force? OK

Q) How many turrets were there on a T-35? OK

Q) Where did the Boeing P-26 Peashooter finally see action for the last
time? OK

Q) Name the proposed US Army next generation artillery system (circa 1999)
that may replace the M119 Paladin. OK

Q) What is the role of the now obsolete M114 AFV? OK

Q) What is the calibre of the main armament of the M108 self-propelled
artillery? OK

Q) What is the eventual vehicle for the Bundeswhr following the debacle of
the tri-nation SP-70 programme (circa 1999)? OK

Q) Which states were involved in the Seven Years War? OK

Q) Name the Austrian territory initially seized by Frederick the Great in
the Seven Years War. OK

Q) The excellent MG34 was replaced by another weapon the Second World War
though it remained in service in great numbers till the end of the War. What
is that weapon and its modern successor? Name three nations that use its
modern equivalent. OK

Q) What is the calibre of the M4A1 carbine used by the 75th Rangers
Regiment? OK

Q) What were the main German service rifles in the First and Second World War?

Q) What is the Imperial Japanese Army's successor to the Nakajima Ki-27 fighter? OK

Q) Which nations were involved in the Nomonhan incident in 1939? Who was
repulsed with great losses? OK

Q) In the first Battle of the Falklands (Coronel), which British
battlecruisers were involved?

Q) Which was the most numerous production variant of the Spitfire?

Q) Which major production variant of the Messerschmitt Bf-109 was manufactured in the greatest numbers? (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K).

Q) What is the proposed replacement vehicle for the Luchs in the Bundeswehr
(circa 1999)? OK

Q) Name XXX types of torpedo-bombers present at the Battle
of Midway? OK

Q) Name all the torpedo-bombers that were in service with the British in the Second
World War. OK

Q) What is the predecessor to the highly successful man-portable
surface-to-air missile system Stinger? OK

Q) In 48 B.C, Julius Caesar defeated Pompey in a battle at the north bank of the river Enipeus. Which battle was this? What was instrumental in Caesar's victory? OK

Q) In the Great War, a German dreadnought managed to reach Turkey and threat
the Dardanelles front. What is the name of that capitol ship?

Q) What is the manufacturer of the type of divebomber that destroyed the

Q) Which battleship was involved in the destruction of most of the German
destroyer force in Narvik?

Q) What type of vessel is the Chakri Nareubet? OK

Q) What is the former name of the Argentine heavy cruiser General Belgano which was
sank by the HMS Conqueror?

Q) Which U-Boat torpedoed the HMS Royal Oak at anchor? Where was the HMS
Royal Oak moored?

Q) What is the name of the proposed class of battleships in the US Navy that
would have eclipsed the USS Iowa class in size? OK

Q) Which British vessel mounted 18 inch guns in the Great War? OK

Q) What is the calibre of the FN Herstal M240G? OK

Q) What is the first production jet fighter to enter service with any air force? OK

Q) Which tank's chassis is the Hetzer assault gun based on? OK

Q) Which of the main armament of these assault guns, SU-76, SU-85, SU-100, JSU-122, JSU-152, possesses the greatest penetrative characteristics? OK

Q) What is the main armament of the last British battleship built? OK

Q) What is a falchion?OK

Q) What is the calibre of the main gun of the M107? Name two operators of
the M107. OK

Q) What is the calibre of main gun of the last variant of the Panzer 68? OK

Q) What is the calibre of the main gun of the Japanese Type 61 tank? OK

Q) Which projectile weapon was banned by the church in the middle ages? OK

Q) Which great battle was fought in 732 A.D? Who was the leader of the
victorious side? OK

Q) Name all the major Soviet production fighter types in service in the beginning of Operation
Barbarossa. (It is not necessary to name variants and sub-types.) OK

Q) Which theatre was the Vultee Vengence divebomber used during the Second
World War? OK