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Sunday, October 24, 1999

Military Quiz 7 Answers

Constructed by Chuang Shyue Chou

Q1) What is the Nashorn also known as?


Q2) What is the Panzerblitz?

The Panzerblitz I Pb 1 are 8 cm is a 8 cm anti-tank rocket. The Fw190F8 is supposed to carry a payload of 8 Panzerblitz 1s. The Panzerblitz series of rockets were never used operationally.

Q3) What are the first British and French ironclads? Which one preceded the other?

Gloire, HMS Warrior. The Gloire (1858) preceded the HMS Warrior (1861).

Q4) How many days did Linebacker II last?

It started on the 18th of December 1972 and ended on the 30th of December 1972. 12 days of strategic bombing.

Q5) What is the calibre of the Lebel rifle?

The calibre of the Modele 1886, otherwise known as the Lebel, is 8 mm.

Q6) How many F-22 Raptors were envisaged in the first year of production? What is the reality? (as of September 1999)

6. As of September, production has been cancelled.

Q7) Who won the Battle of Issus? Who were involved?

Alexander. Macedonians, Greek allies, Persians, Persian levies, Greek mercenaries.

Q8) Which type of British-built torpedo bombers attacked the capital ship that was sank eventually by Tallboy bombs?

The capital ship that was eventually sunk by 12 000 pound Tallboy bombs was the Tripitz. A variety of bombers were used to attempt to sink it. The Fairey Barracuda is only only British-built torpedo-bomber type used.

Q9) Who took the Chinese Farm and held it? Which conflict was this?

The Israelis. The Yom Yippur War. Colonel Amnon Reshef's brigade.

Q10) Who fought in the Battle of Tanneberg in 1410?

Teutonic Knights, Poles and Lithuanians.

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