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Sunday, October 24, 1999

Military Quiz 5 Answers

Constructed by Brian Yeoh

Q1) Roughly how much money did Roman legionaries receive as pension after long service?

3000 Denarii

Q2) What naval battle crushed the Persian plan to conquer Greece, and who devised it?

Salamis, Themistocles.

Q3) What were the Rum Seljuks and who destroyed them?

They were Kazakh Turks who were destroyed by the Mongols.

Q4) What was the first burp gun?


Q5) Which Aegis cruiser was shut down by a divide by zero error?

USS Yorktown

Q6) What was the first major artillery piece to have a buffer recoil mechanism?

French 75mm howitzer

Q7) What is a split trail and what is so important about it?

It is a gun trail which can be opened and placed at an angle so that a gun can do quick traverse while remaining embedded.

Q8) Which countries flew the Bf109 in World War II?

Switzerland, Germany, USSR, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, Finland. (Austria does not count.)

Q9) What did British Pathfinder squadrons drop for Bomber Command?

Flares, smoke pots, Window.

Q10) What are Gee and Oboe?

Navigation radar used by the RAF for bombing raids and landings.

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