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Sunday, October 24, 1999

Military Quiz 2 Answers

Constructed by Brian Yeoh and Chuang Shyue Chou

Q1) In which battlefield was the Panther first used in quantity?


Q2) Which French military engineer's forts were the most well known examples in siegecraft?

Seigneur de Vauban.
(Note:  Vauban built 33 new fortresses including Ypres and Verdun, renovated 300 older ones, conducted 53 sieges and took part in 140 engagements.)

Q3) In which war were balloons used as a major means of communication for a besieged city?

1848 French/German war.

Q4) What are the gladius, pilum and scutum?

Roman shortsword with a stabbing blade. Javelin with a soft shaft. Shield.

Q5) Which blind king died at Crecy?

The blind King John of Bohemia. (The king of Mallorca was killed in the battle but he wasn't blind.)

Q6) What was the major cause of aircraft loss in the Yom Kippur war?

SA-6. It was never the ZSU-23-4, Shilka with its B-76 'Gun Dish' radar..

Q7) Name the first modern NATO MICV specifically designed as such for that role. What is the modern equivalent term for the MICV?

Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle. Marder. IFV. Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Q8) Which countries adopted the Hetzer in the postwar period?

Czechoslovakia, Switzerland and Sweden.

Q9) Name the Turkish leader who ordered the siege of Malta, the island fortress of the Knights Hospitaller in 1565. Who was the victor?

Suleiman the Magnificient. The victors were the Knights Hospitallers led by Jean Parisot de la Valette.

Q10) Who were the combatants in the Battle at Pavia in 1525? Who was the victor?

The French army and the Imperial army. The Imperial army.

Q11) Name the three users (nations) of the Brewster B-239 and B-339.

The UK, USA and Finland.

Q12) Name the aircraft type that made the sole Iraqi air-to-air kill in the Gulf War. Name the victim too.

A MiG-25 shot a F/A-18 down.

Q13) What is the main gun of the M1, Improved IPM1, M1A1, M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank? Give the calibre and designation of the gun.

M1 - M68A1 105 mm
IPM1 - M256 120 mm
M1A1 - M256 120 mm
M1A2 - M256 120 mm

Q14) Name three assault rifles known to be in used by the Malaysian armed forces.

Beretta AR-70, Steyr AUG, Colt M16, or HK 33.
(Note: Malaysia bought 5000 AR-70, bought 5000 HK 33, assembled 30 000 HK 33
in the 70s.)


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