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Sunday, October 24, 1999

Military Quiz 10 Answers

Constructed by Brian Yeoh

Q1) What does AIM stand for (as in AIM-9)

Q2) What is the Sky Flash?

Q3) How long were pila?

Q4) Does a Spartan's horsemane go along the helmet or across the helmet?

Q5) Who were the Sarmatians and what was their major malfunction?

Q6) Which battle in WWI had a road nearby named the Via Scree?

Q7) Who were the Luc Long Dac Biet?

Q8) If an F-16 drops a B-83 200 metres away from you, are you in the safe zone (i.e. do you have less than 5% chance of becoming a casualty?)

QQ9) Who was Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N Hathcock II and what was so great about him?

Q10) What was the Tirpitz's sister ship called?

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